Landowners are the cornerstone of wireless connectivity, navigating the intricate landscape of tower development. In an ecosystem where financial objectives, RF coverage demands, and regulatory constraints intersect, landowners play a pivotal role, shaping the connectivity landscape one site at a time.

The cell site tower development process is multifaceted, with the ideal site meeting not only the tower developer’s financial objectives for building low cost, co-locatable sites, but also meeting the wireless carrier’s objectives for radio frequency coverage.  Combine that with a local municipality’s restrictions on cell site locations, and environmental agencies’ restrictions on archaeological and historical impacts, and what seems to be an easy process becomes very complex.

While the average cell site development timeline is approximately 12 months, a single cell site in a difficult zoning jurisdiction can sometimes take years to develop.  Starting with a “development-friendly” landlord helps.

If you have property with a developable area of approximately 100’ x 100’, and are interested in hosting a cell site, please contact us.  Provide as much information about the site as you have, including the address, coordinates (latitude and longitude) if available, one or two pictures of the site, and your name and contact information.

CORE will overlay your property with our current development needs and add your location to our development database, placing you at the top of our list when a development opportunity arises.