Whether starting from initial RF coverage objectives or from a building permit in hand, our ability to get sites on-air quickly and easily remains the same.  With over 5000 macro tower sites in our portfolio of experience, we are highly skilled and flexible, and we will create a custom plan based on your ultimate objectives.

Build to Suit

Leave the heavy lifting to us.  CORE will design, develop, build, own and operate your site.  Our build-to-suit model is flexible. Tell us your goals and we will propose terms to meet them.

CORE can provide turnkey services to manage the entire development process, or we will leave you in control of the steps you prefer.  We will begin with a search ring, build a site based on the permit you provide us, or acquire the site after you have constructed it.  Tell us your preference and we will tailor a build-to-suit tower development program to meet your specific needs.

CORE maintains strong relationships with wireless vendors and contractors throughout the United States. We can assemble an expert team for your project in a matter of days, or if you like, we will utilize your preferred vendors.  We are positioned to provide build-to-suit services for one site in your backyard or one-hundred sites across multiple geographic regions.

Build to Purchase

If you are a tower developer, vendor or contractor in the wireless industry and are active in the development of wireless transmission sites, consider a partnership with us.

CORE can retain your services, purchase your products, or fund the development of your sites. One site or many, we offer flexible development agreements to suit your specific scenarios.

Tower Acquisitions

CORE is interested in growing its portfolio through continued development or acquisition. While we prefer individual sites, or smaller portfolios that complement our existing coverage, we are interested in reviewing and evaluating all offers.  

Are you an existing tower owner or tower site landlord interested in mitigating the risk of carrier termination, or interested in advancing the value of your lease?  CORE can offer a lump-sum cash payment for your wireless carrier cell site lease, eliminating the risk that your lease is terminated due to industry downsizing or consolidation and providing substantial cash to you now.  Whether a wireless carrier, tower owner or tower broker, please contact us with your site offering.