Building owners and managers are integral members of the wireless infrastructure development and operation process.  While not every property is suitable for wireless development, CORE is interested in working with these parties who are open to wireless development.

Building Owners, Real Estate and Facilities Managers

The deployment of 5G wireless services requires systems dedicated to serving areas where people congregate and use their wireless devices.  A “neutral host system” (one that provides service for all wireless carriers) is the most efficient way to ensure your tenants, customers, clients, staff and students have access to a carrier network.  We have relationships with all major wireless carriers and can do the work of bringing their services to your facilities.


hotels, resorts, casinos


theaters, theme parks, concert halls, auditoriums

Office buildings & campuses

high-rise & low-rise

Educational facilities

college & 12-k campuses


apartments & condominiums


indoor and outdoor shopping malls


Hotels & Resorts

With our advanced infrastructure, venues can seamlessly implement Keyless Entry and Mobile Check-In/Out services, enhancing guest convenience and operational efficiency. Our robust wireless networks facilitate Room Automation features like smart lights and thermostats, optimizing energy usage and ensuring guest comfort. Moreover, our comprehensive wireless connectivity solutions provide guests with high-speed internet access throughout the property, enabling seamless streaming, remote work, and social media sharing. Leveraging our expertise, venues can deploy guest service apps for streamlined requests and information dissemination, elevating guest satisfaction and experiences.

Casinos & Gaming

Our cutting-edge solutions enhance security, efficiency, and entertainment for patrons. Wireless POS Solutions ensure seamless and expedited transactions, allowing guests to focus on their gaming experience. Advanced Security Systems and Surveillance technologies safeguard guests and assets, providing a secure gaming environment. Immersive gaming software elevates entertainment value, captivating players with thrilling experiences. Biometric authentication and RFID technology enhance security measures, ensuring a safe and efficient gaming environment. Our Public Safety network guarantees emergency communications, prioritizing guest safety.


Theme Parks

Our wireless network will support the integration of cutting-edge AR and VR experiences, captivating guests with immersive adventures like never before. Mobile apps provide intuitive navigation and real-time information, empowering guests to maximize their park experience. Simplifying access, with ticketing platforms offering online sales and digital ticketing, reducing wait times and streamlining entry. With high-density Wi-Fi networks, guests stay connected across the park, sharing moments and staying engaged.

Theaters, Concert Halls, Auditoriums,
Stadiums & Arenas

Lighting automation sets the mood and enhances visibility, while creating an immersive experience. Live streaming capabilities extend the reach of events to remote audiences, maximizing engagement. Ticketing systems provide seamless online sales and seat selections, simplifying access for attendees. Utilizing crowd management technologies such as facial recognition and RFID, we ensure security and access control. Additionally, our public safety network ensures seamless communication for first responders, prioritizing the safety of all attendees

Manufacturing & Distribution Facilities

Our solutions seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to optimize operations and enhance efficiency. With warehouse management systems (WMS), we provide robust inventory tracking and optimization capabilities, ensuring accurate stock management and timely replenishment. Leveraging barcode and RFID technology, we enable precise item identification and tracking throughout the supply chain, enhancing visibility and reducing errors. Real-time location systems (RTLS) facilitate asset tracking, allowing for seamless monitoring and efficient resource allocation. Additionally, IoT sensors enable environmental monitoring and predictive maintenance, ensuring optimal conditions and minimizing downtime.

Office buildings & campuses

With smart building management systems, we optimize HVAC, lighting, and energy usage, ensuring comfort and sustainability. Occupancy sensors enable real-time space utilization monitoring, maximizing efficiency and resource allocation. Access control systems, equipped with biometric or RFID technology, provide secure and convenient facility access. Leveraging cloud-based collaboration tools, we enable remote work and streamline communication across teams. Advanced cybersecurity measures protect sensitive data, safeguard against cyberthreats and ensure compliance. Additionally, internal apps facilitate navigation andcommunication within the facility, enhancing employee efficiency and collaboration.

Educational Facilities

Our comprehensive solutions utilize cutting-edge technology to enrich learning experiences and drive student success. Supporting safety, our public safety network ensures critical communications between local public safety agencies and first responders, complemented by smart lighting systems enhancing safety and sustainability.

Multi-Family Residential

Transforming multi-family residences into modern, connected spaces, our solutions integrate cutting-edge technology for convenience, efficiency, and safety. With access control systems like keyless entry/smart locks and smart parcel lockers, residents enjoy seamless entry and secure package delivery. Smart HVAC systems and voice-activated technology optimize comfort and energy usage, while built-in IoT sensors facilitate smart thermostat control for personalized climate management. Reliable Wi-Fi networks enhance productivity and entertainment, ensuring seamless connectivity for residents. Additionally, our public safety system prioritizes emergency response, providing peace of mind for residents and first responders alike.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Our solutions harness cutting-edge technology to optimize every aspect of the patient’s experience. With robust wireless connectivity, we ensure seamless communication and access to critical information, empowering both patients and staff. Our system supports rapid emergency alerts and notifications, enhancing patient safety. Designed for clinical mobility, our wireless coverage facilitates efficient movement throughout the facility, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver timely care. Additionally, our network will support wearable sensors for real-time health monitoring, and leverage cloud computing with AI to enhance access to medical data and streamline resource administration


Our network will support the personalization of the customer experience with advanced data analytics. Our network will support the tailoring offerings to individual preferences, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction. Innovative POS systems enable real-time data synchronization across all in-person and online stores, facilitating accurate inventory tracking and providing customers with up-to-date product availability information.