Wireless service is critical for everyone, whether at home, at work, or traveling for business or pleasure.  CST Core provides custom indoor and localized outdoor wireless solutions for all types of venues and businesses, large and small:


hotels, resorts, casinos


theaters, theme parks, concert halls, auditoriums

Manufacturing & distribution facilities

Office buildings & campuses

high-rise & low-rise

Educational facilities

college & K-12 campuses


apartments & condominiums

Hospitals & healthcare facilities


indoor and outdoor shopping malls

Stadiums & arenas


Using a wide selection of equipment options, a solution will be created to meet the specific design criteria and needs of your venue and its occupants.  Many solutions are available in today’s expanding wireless industry, and we evaluate them all:

  • Active and Passive DAS
  • Small Cells
  • Private LTE / CBRS
  • Multi-carrier
  • 5G-enabled
  • Public Safety
  • Smart Buildings
  • CommScope CBRS OnGo, Era, ION, OneCell
  • Corning MobileAccess, SpiderCloud
  • Ericsson Radio Dot
  • SOLiD
  • Comba Telecom
  • ADRF

We also evaluate and work with a host of equipment manufacturers to find the best option for you, taking into consideration future growth, changing needs, and changing technology.  Those OEMs include:

CST Core handles every step of the system design, deployment, testing and operations:

Leasing and permitting

Negotiations with the wireless carriers

Complete detailed on-site survey and analysis - both structural and RF (radio frequencies)

Ongoing system maintenance

Creation or modification of venue floorplans in electronic format

Detailed iBwave RF design creation with coverage heat maps

System monitoring / NOC services

Acquisition and installation of all wireless radio equipment, including headend, cabling, fiber optics, antennas, power systems, fire suppression, alarms and monitoring systems

Full construction drawings of equipment room and distributed wireless system throughout the venue

Evaluation of specific requirements and expectations, both existing and future

Wireless solutions add incredible value to real estate.  Residents and occupants are happier and safer.  Property owners and managers generate increased revenues through justified increases in rent or additional communications and facilities fees.  CST Core is the perfect choice to deploy a high-quality, cost-effective, future-proof system to meet the needs of your tenants, visitors and guests.